“Innovative cosmetic raw materials and biologically active compounds in cosmetology”



Innovative, safe and effective cosmetic raw materials and biologically active compounds are the fundament of sound cosmetic products. The cosmetics industry is one of the fastest to develop, not only worldwide, but also in Poland. Recently, this development focuses also on scientific research in the field of effective cosmetic ingredients and biologically active compounds, innovative forms and technologies, so as to meet the expectations of both producers and, above all, increasingly demanding customers-consumers who on a daily basis use varied and plenty cosmetic products.

In order for this development to bring the expected marketing benefits and meet the expectations of very demanding consumers, the production and marketing of cosmetics should boost the development of scientific research, i.e. relevant scientific, didactic and educational facilities, as well as broadly understood cooperation between the business environment and universities.

A chance to bring this idea to fruition is the poster session held in cooperation between the Warsaw College of Engineering and Health and Vincentz Network, the organizer of HPCI (Home and Personal Care Ingredients) Central and Eastern Europe Fair, i.e. the leading trade fair for the supply industry for the production of cosmetics and household chemicals in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The aim of the poster session is to present the participants with the findings of their own research work or reports from the latest scientific research in the field of cosmetic chemistry. The poster session provides a great opportunity for establishing new contacts, consolidate the already existing ones and fosters in-depth discussions between representatives of the scientific community and the business environment, as well as the members of the HPCI. It also gives the opportunity for potential direct commercialization of research results in the field of production, operation and testing of the properties of cosmetic raw materials and biologically active compounds that can be used, for example, in cosmetic preparations.

I’d like to invite you all to view and study the posters prepared by the scientific community, lecturers, university graduates, as well as students of industry studies such as cosmetic chemistry, who present the latest research and innovative solutions on cosmetic raw materials and biologically active compounds.




DATE: 07.10.2020

TIME: 11:00

LIVE: www.facebook.com/WSIiZ.Warszawa


„Antyoksydanty jako związki biologicznie czynne w preparacie kosmetycznym”

„Ekstrakty z mikroalg jako surowce w przemyśle kosmetycznym”

„Nawłocie Polski (nie)znane źródło cennych składników kosmetycznych”

„Ocena efektywności działania substancji aktywnych w kosmetykach do makijażu na przykładzie niacynamidu”

„Olej rzepakowy z wprowadzonym ozonem - innowacyjny składnik mas kosmetycznych”

„Olejki eteryczne i hydrolaty z lawendy wąskolistnej i lawendy pośredniej ‘Grosso’ jako surowce kosmetyczne”

„Oliwa z oliwek z wprowadzonym ozonem - nowy składnik formulacji kosmetycznych"

Potential use of plant extracts with antibacterial properties in cosmetic preparations for oral hygiene

Produkty pochodzenia pszczelego w kosmetykach - porównanie opinii wegan i wegetarian

Stabilność preparatów kosmetycznych na przykładzie wybranych form fizykochemicznych

Wpływ lecytyny na stabilność sztyftowych produktów kosmetycznych



The works submitted for the poster session will be evaluated by the Jury, which will select the best poster.

Poster session partners have prepared prizes for the winner:

  • publication of the poster in SOFW Journal
  • publication of the poster on the “Chemia i Biznes” portal
  • annual subscription to the Biotechnology quarterly
  • interview with the poster author on Biotech TV

SOFW Journal – published in 3 language versions – is a leading specialist journal in the industry around the world. It publishes chemical and technical papers describing the practical application of science in the field of household chemistry and cosmetics.

“Chemia i Biznes” – a portal and a journal presenting the most important news about the Polish and the world chemical industry and related industries.

Biotechnologia.pl – the largest industry portal in Poland, the latest information on biotechnology, cosmetology, pharmacy and technologies.

The Jury will include:

  • representatives of the poster session organizer – Warsaw College of Engineering and Health;
  • representative of the HPCI trade fair organizer;
  • representative of the poster session partner – SOFW Journal;
  • representative of the poster session partner – “Chemia i Biznes”;
  • representative of the poster session partner – Biotechnologia.pl



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